Everything comes from the imagination that soon becomes a mental image, the imagination is both on the forms and on the movement that it should have to look like a living jewel. The illusion of those forms and of that movement is refined bringing them to a channel of mechanical feasibility, at which point one has a mental image of a jewel that moves in harmony with its forms.

At this point we move on to the 2d drawing on paper / cardboard where we illustrate the jewel stopped in the different positions of its movement and in different perspectives of view, then we move on to the 3D design where we start from the mother form in its whole up to go in the various details of both the forms and the

mechanism and of the various components, once the design is finished we proceed to the wax prototyping of all the components paying close attention to the details with a 3D printer, those wax components will then be fused into a non-noble metal through investment casting, these

metal components are assembled to create the metal prototype and to ensure the functioning of the various mechanisms, when everything works, the steps from wax prototyping to noble metal casting are repeated. With all the elements cast in noble metal, the first sanding jewel is created

polishing all the various components, then we move on to the choice of precious stones and their setting, then we pass to the polishing of the recessed components and then to the final assembly which includes the finishing and the galvanic baths where necessary, based on the type of metal of where the jewel is made. The final phase is quality control, passed this … THE JEWEL IS READY.